How to Recover From Mistakes Video

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It's not that you made the mistake, but how you respond that really matters.

Despite our best efforts, mistakes can and do happen at work. It's not the fact that you make them, but how you respond that really matters.

So, hands washed and aprons on. Here's our step-by-step recipe for recovering from mistakes.

Step One: take your time.

As soon as you realize you've made a mistake, stop! Consider the facts. Is it really bad? And if so, how bad? Giving yourself some breathing space can stop you getting things out of proportion, or making the situation worse.

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    Welcome to the Club and thanks for that feedback on the video. We have lots more resources and great sharing of ideas with other members in the Forums area of the Club. It would be great to meet you both so come on over and introduce yourself!

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  • Over a month ago grace_trinh0102 wrote
    cute concept video
  • Over a month ago Lubi84 wrote
    Hahah, love the video! Thank you for sharing!