4 Steps to Conquering Presentation Nerves

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A positive mindset is vital to delivering a good presentation.

Does the idea of public speaking make you want to run and hide? Presentation nerves are natural but manageable. So, whether you're speaking to a room of five or 500, follow these four simple steps to conquer your presentation nerves!

  1. Do your homework. The more knowledgable you are, the more confident you'll feel presenting to your peers. Study your material carefully and ensure that you understand the needs and expectations of your audience.
  2. Structure your presentation. Memorizing your lines can make you sound robotic and insincere. Instead, break your presentation down into key phrases to prompt you. This will help to ease your nerves without compromising the quality of your delivery.
  3. Practice, practice, practice. Rehearse your presentation on your own or in front of a small audience before the big day. You'll be able to anticipate any potential problems or questions and give a more polished performance.
  4. Keep your cool. It's important to not let the pressure of the spotlight get to you. Use calming mental imagery and breathing techniques to maintain your composure.

Nerves are inevitable. Letting them get the better of you is not. A positive and confident mindset can help you to control those jitters and to focus on delivering a powerful and memorable presentation.

If you want to learn more about managing presentation nerves, see the article that accompanies this video.

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