Overwhelmed at Work Video

Video Transcript

Understanding what you can and can't control can help you to overcome overwhelm.

Do you ever feel exhausted by all the things you need to do? Or about the worries piling up in your mind?

There's work to get done, the house to clean, the kids to take care of. Not to mention global warming, the pandemic, the economy, and any other number of worrying news stories filling up your social media feed or on your TV.

Trying to juggle all of these concerns, alongside the daily grind, can be overwhelming. This may result in stress, anxiety, irritability, or even illness.

The Control Influence Accept model can help here. It's a process you can use to dismantle difficult or overwhelming situations by assessing what you can and can't control or influence. And – if you can't do either – how you can find a way to accept or adapt to them.

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