Debunking the Multitasking Myth!

Video Transcript

Do one task well, not multiple tasks badly!

Many people believe multitasking is an efficient way of coping with a heavy workload.

This is a myth!

When we focus on too many tasks at once, our brains get overloaded and our work can suffer.

But, when we focus on one task at a time, the quality of our work improves. We feel less stressed and more in control.

So, if you find yourself multitasking, use these five steps to stay focused.

1. Know When You're Multitasking

Do you check your phone while you're watching TV or in a meeting? Is your desk cluttered with open files and bits of paper? Or do you keep forgetting where you're at with tasks that you're working on?

2. Avoid "Multitasking Traps" 

Set aside some time each day for admin tasks such as returning calls, answering emails, or filing documents. 

3. Manage Interruptions

Turn off unnecessary email, text or social media alerts to reduce the temptation of checking your messages.

4. Be Prepared to Change Direction 

If something urgent does crop up, don't do two things at once! Note down the status of your current task and record next steps for when you pick it up again. 

5. Take Breaks!

When you find yourself multitasking, stop! Take a few minutes to sit quietly and do nothing. Short breaks can refocus your mind and improve your concentration. 

To learn more about managing multiple tasks, see the article that accompanies this video.

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