Is This a Morning Task?

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Are you harnessing the power of your "peak times"?

Our energy levels naturally rise and fall throughout the day. But how do you stay productive when you're "running on fumes"?

  • Find your peak times. Take note of when your energy ebbs and flows. Perhaps you're an "early bird," or maybe early evening is when you really come to life.
  • Analyze your tasks. Sort your day-to-day jobs into categories. What are your routine tasks? Which ones require more concentration?
  • Identify external factors. It can be difficult to concentrate when everyone is getting into work in the morning. Consider arriving at the office a little earlier, or delaying more difficult jobs until things settle down.
  • Recognize potential obstacles. Remember that you won't always get to choose your routine. You will need to work around fixed tasks like morning meetings or other people's schedules.
  • Allocate tasks to times. Schedule routine tasks during your "down" moments and leave your peak times free for more creative jobs. Remember to work with, not against, your natural energy cycle.

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