5 Traits of Successful Leaders Video

Video Transcript

Successful leaders inspire and empower their people.

Who do you consider to be a great leader?

Do you think his or her abilities are innate or learned?

Successful leaders may have certain traits. But you can develop them, too, and here's how...

  1. Confident and positive leaders inspire and empower their people. So, understand, celebrate and make the most of your own strengths first.
  2. Emotionally intelligent leaders are calm and collected. Develop your emotional intelligence to manage your own and other people's feelings better.
  3. Transformational leaders motivate. Create a compelling vision of the future and motivate your people to deliver it.
  4. Successful leaders "walk the talk." So, lead by example and with integrity.
  5. Effective leaders help their people to shine. Carry out Training Needs Assessments to find out what skills your team needs to be successful.

Finally, set out your expectations clearly so everyone knows where they stand.

Find out whether you've got what it takes to become a great leader by taking our quiz here.

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