7 Ways to Deal With Irritating People in the Workplace Video

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Use these seven strategies to tackle irritating behavior without harming your relationships.

We don't always get to choose who we work with. But, if we ignore persistent, irritating behavior, it can damage our relationships, morale and performance.

Instead of bottling up your emotions or resorting to confrontation, use these seven tips to learn how to cope with irritating people at work:

  1. Avoid gossip. You might think it's safer to vent your feelings to your peers than to deal with the issue. But spreading rumors will likely backfire on you, and damage your reputation.
  2. Assess the impact of the behavior. How is your colleague's behavior really affecting you? Are you able to ignore it, or is it so serious that you need to talk to him or her about it?
  3. Be tactful! Don't ignore your feelings, but make sure you choose your words carefully. And don't make it personal! After all, you still have to work with this person!
  4. Consider any underlying causes. Cultural differences or problems at home could account for your colleague's behavior. So, before you confront him, think!
  5. Be open and honest. Tell him how you feel, but show respect! Listen to his reply with empathy and without judgment.
  6. Seek support. Sometimes, irritating behavior can develop into something more sinister, like bullying or harassment. If this happens, report it to your manager or HR.
  7. Develop coping mechanisms. Your solution could be as easy as switching desks. Alternatively, use deep breathing exercises or mindfulness to stay calm and controlled.

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