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Developing "goldilocks tasks" is just one of the ways you can build an intrinsically motivated team.

What motivates you to do a good job? Is it money? The chance of promotion? Or, do you simply love what you do?

According to Daniel Pink, workplace motivation is changing. "Carrot and stick" approaches simply don't work anymore. But developing a team that can motivate itself does! So, here are four ways you can build an intrinsically motivated team…

  1. Try out "10 Percent Time." Give your people the chance to spend 10 percent of their time working on projects of their choice. Doing this will encourage team creativity and innovation.
  2. Give up some control. Give your team greater autonomy. Get people more involved in goal setting and reduce controlling language like "you must" or "you should."
  3. Develop "Goldilocks Tasks." Give your people tasks that are neither too hard nor too easy, but just right. These will stretch your team members and help them to develop their skills.
  4. Promote collaboration and cross-skilling. Encourage your people to share their skills and ideas with each other. This will help you to build a strong, positive and multi-talented team. 

If you want to learn more about how to build an intrinsically motivated team, read the article here.

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