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Not being able to relax can lead to low mood, poor concentration and lack of enthusiasm. De-stress using these seven tips.

It can be hard to switch off after a tough day at work. But not being able to relax can lead to low mood, poor concentration, and lack of enthusiasm.

Here are seven ways you can put the calm back into your life:

  1. Take the time to unwind. Use a relaxation technique, like mindfulness or deep breathing.
  2. Make your home a haven. A peaceful, comfortable home will help you to relax more easily.
  3. De-stress your dinners. Plan your meals so you can take the time to really enjoy them.
  4. Get a hobby. Take your mind off work by immersing yourself in an activity that brings you pleasure.
  5. Treat yourself. Engage your senses. Indulge in an after work tipple or listen to some relaxing music.
  6. Take up a sport. Exercise can help to clear the mind, so why not join a local team or take a class?
  7. Look to the East. Experiment with Eastern relaxation techniques like yoga, tai-chi, martial arts, or meditation. This will help to ease your body, mind and soul so you feel ready for a new day. 

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