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Learn how to use the GROW Model, with James Manktelow & Amy Carlson.

James Manktelow: Hello. I'm James Manktelow, CEO of, home to hundreds of free career-boosting tools and resources.

Amy Carlson: And I'm Amy Carlson from Mind Tools.

JM: If you're in a leadership role, then one of your most important responsibilities is to help the people on your team grow and develop.

Many of the world's greatest leaders say that their team's growth is how they measure their own success.

When you coach others to reach their potential, you're helping the world's future leaders gain the strengths and skills they need to succeed. Without a good coach, many of today's leaders would never have got as far as they did.

AC: If you've never coached anyone before, or you've never had any training as a coach, then you may wonder where to begin.

The good news is that there are plenty of tools and resources out there to help you become a better coach. And one of these tools is the GROW Model.

GROW is an acronym that stands for Goal, current Reality, Options, and Will.

You can use this tool as a map to help structure your coaching sessions.

JM: It's helpful to see the GROW Model in action, so we'll give a simple example to show you how to use it.

Imagine you're coaching a team member. During the coaching session, you decide to use the GROW Model to focus the conversation. So, you start with her Goal.

Here, you help her identify a goal she wants to work toward, and you ask her to write down the outcome that she wants to see.

In this scenario, imagine that your team member wants to achieve a promotion within the next year. This is her goal.

AC: Next, you'd ask her to define her current Reality.

This is a really important step. None of us can achieve a goal if we don't know where we're starting from. So get your team member to define her current situation.

She tells you that she's performing really well, and meeting all of her performance targets. So she could do with a new challenge.

Her current team leader is very hands-off, and although work gets done, the team isn't reaching its full potential.

She knows that if she were given the chance, she could help the team to accomplish even more than it is right now.

JM: Once your new team member has defined her current reality, you'll want to move to the next step in the model, and define her Options.

At this point, you want to look at all the possibilities that are available for achieving her goal. You'll also look at the benefits and drawbacks of these options.

AC: In our example, we could imagine several possibilities for our team member.

One possibility is that she suspects a more senior colleague might be moving elsewhere in the organization.

If she can start demonstrating that colleague's skills right now, she might be considered for a promotion.

JM: The last step in the Grow Model is to establish the Will.

This step looks at what your team member is going to do next to make this goal happen. This is also when you explore the obstacles she might encounter, and come up with a plan to overcome them.

AC: So for this step, your team member starts listing what she's going to do next.

The first thing she's going to do is ask you if she can help lead an upcoming project.

Then, when she thinks of the obstacles standing in her way, she realizes the biggest one is her lack of experience. Leading this project will help overcome this.

She also decides to start studying management and leadership after work. And, she's going to consider enrolling on a training program to help build her skills.

JA: The GROW Model is an easy to use acronym that you can use to help guide the coaching sessions you run.

You can find out a lot more about the GROW Model in the article that accompanies this video.

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    Thanks for the references I has already come to the same conclusion and was using Outlook contacts to records tasks and progress for each team member but think I will give a spreadsheet ago instead.

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