How to Build a Positive Identity With the GIVE Model Video

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Use the GIVE Model to become your best self!

How do you see yourself?

Are you an ambitious innovator, or a disengaged underachiever?

With the GIVE Model, you can build a new, more-positive identity to improve your self-image and how you're seen by others. Here's how:

Growing. Your identity becomes more positive when you grow over time. So, work to become the best possible version of yourself.

Master the skills you need to do your job well, and put them into practice! Think about who you aspire to be, and use a Personal Development Plan to guide you.

Integrated. Your overall identity becomes more positive when you successfully balance and integrate your various identities.

Your everyday experiences, roles and interests have value in the workplace, so don't leave them at home! Seize opportunities to incorporate your various identities into your work.

Virtuous. Universal virtues are central to a positive identity. Try to demonstrate integrity, honesty and kindness. Think about what other values you hold dear, and how you can embody them.

Esteemed. How you see yourself affects how others see you, too. So focus on your positive traits and achievements rather than your shortcomings.

Cognitive restructuring will help to boost your self-esteem. As your confidence grows, so will the respect of your co-workers.

Cultivating a positive identity can help you to deal with stress and adversity more effectively. So apply the four elements of the GIVE Model, and become your best possible self!

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