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Does your career have a place in the future? Use these nine tips to make sure of it!

Do you ever wonder how your job will look in five years' time? Will it even still exist? What can you do to be certain you're on the right career path?

Here are nine ways you can future proof your career:

  1. Take every opportunity to grow. If your organization invests in its people's development, you'll be able to blossom.
  2. Get and stay tech-savvy. Keep your technical skills up-to-date by making use of the latest online tools, and be proactive, even if your company is not.
  3. Develop skills you can take with you anywhere. Build up your knowledge of core professional competencies, such as leadership and communication.
  4. Think globally! Modern organizations are culturally diverse. Increase your opportunities by exploring other cultures or learning another language.
  5. Start a success journal. Employers want to know what you can do for them, so keep a record of your accomplishments, strengths and successes.
  6. Build your professional network. Join online forums and groups, attend industry events, and keep in touch with former colleagues.
  7. Scan the environment. Keep yourself informed of the latest industry trends. Try to work in industries that have a positive outlook and avoid ones that are on a downward slide.
  8. Keep a clear and open career path. If you're in a slow-growth industry you may find that opportunities decline or even disappear! If this happens, review your options and try an alternative path.
  9. Be resilient. The most successful people are those who bounce back after setbacks. So, develop realistic goals, be flexible, and stay positive!

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  • Over a month ago Yolande wrote
    To future-proof our careers, we constantly need to ask, what can I learn today? What skill will I need five years from now to future proof my career? What do I need to think differently about that will serve me to future proof my career and/or my ability to earn a living?