8 Ways to Be a More Engaging Speaker

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Storytelling techniques can improve your public speaking skills.

The best public speakers are able to grab people's attention and hold it. Good speaking skills can also help you in meetings, negotiations and job interviews. So, here are eight ways to help you become a sensational speaker.

  1. Capture people's attention. Stand up and stand tall! And don't be afraid to say what you need to. This will show courage and assertiveness.
  2. Speak clearly. Don't mumble and avoid slurring, or talking too quiet or too loud.
  3. Use positive body language. Stand up straight, look people in the eye, and smile!
  4. Use silence to your advantage. Silences can help you set the pace of your speech and create impact. Practice pausing while you read, breathe slowly, and speak in short phrases.
  5. Control your nerves. Remember, the person you're speaking to is just like you. Make a genuine connection rather than rushing through your speech. And use deep breathing or centering to stay relaxed and calm.
  6. Develop charisma. Charismatic people are engaging, assertive, and inspiring. Develop your charisma by becoming more self-aware and working on your emotional intelligence and empathy skills.
  7. Communicate reliable information. People need to believe in what you're saying, if they're to act on it. Make your argument solid and trustworthy by using facts and data.
  8. Use storytelling. You can create stories around a product, a company, or even yourself. This will bring your ideas to life and capture your audience's imagination.

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