5 Ways to Energize Yourself

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Natural light and a healthy diet can give you a much-needed boost.

Do you ever find your energy levels plummeting at work? If you're lacking the power to get your job done, use these five tips to recharge your batteries!

  1. Look at what you eat and drink. Do you drink enough water? Or rely on sugary snacks for a boost? Slow energy-releasing foods will sustain you for longer and prevent sugar crashes.
  2. Listen to music. Refocus your mind with your favorite music. Choose tracks that elevate your mood and energize you.
  3. Get some fresh air. A short walk can clear a foggy head. But, for lasting impact, exercise regularly to boost your energy and fitness.
  4. Mix up your day. Boring or mundane tasks can drain your energy. Re-examine the purpose of these "energy vampires." Are they really necessary? Could you delegate them to someone who enjoys them?
  5. Use light. Energize yourself with natural light by sitting near a window. Or, if possible, work outside!

If you want to learn more about energizing yourself at work, read our article.

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  • Over a month ago Sonia_H wrote
    Hi darlic,

    Would you mind sharing with us what you'd like to see about slow energy-releasing foods? We do have 12 targeted skill areas to help our members reach their career goals. Maybe there's a way to link nutritional support with one of those areas.

    Mind Tools Coach
  • Over a month ago darlic wrote
    Could we have a post on slow energy releasing foods?
  • Over a month ago BillT wrote
    Hi darlic,

    Thank you for the great suggestions.

    Mind Tools Team
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