The DO IT Technique

Video Transcript

Boost your creative thinking with the DO IT technique!

How good are your problem-solving skills? The four simple steps in Robert Olson's DO IT model help you to solve problems by strengthening your creative thinking.

  1. Define the problem. It's important to truly understand what you're facing. Then, summarize it as concisely as possible.
  2. Open your mind. Now you can start to come up with possible solutions. Involve as many people as you can to get a wide array of ideas. Don't rule anything out at this stage – even bad ideas can lead to better ones down the road.
  3. Identify the best solution. Now it's time to choose the best idea. Make sure you've examined deeply all the options first.
  4. Transform. The final stage is to take action! For many, fear of failure, procrastination or insecurity make this the hardest part. So come up with an action plan to make sure things run smoothly.


If you want to learn more about the DO IT technique, read the article that accompanies this video.

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