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Help your team deal with a period of high turnover.

It's normal for teams to evolve and for people to leave.

But when team members leave in large numbers, it can get disruptive.

There's more pressure on remaining employees and morale can be seriously damaged.

Dealing with high team turnover can be tricky. But following these five tips will help you to weather the storm until happier times.

1. Keep Team Spirits High. Team dynamics can be undermined by frequent change. As a manager, it's important that you stay positive and show your commitment to the team. Use team-building exercises to foster unity, strengthen relationships, and have fun together!

2. Adopt an "Open Door" Policy. Give people the freedom to ask questions, to voice concerns, and to "blow off steam." Take on board what your team has to say and try your best to resolve issues. There may be some tough truths, but you need to be willing to hear them to combat high turnover.

3. Maintain Quality. While the team is in flux, it's possible that the quality of work will dip. To minimize this, it's crucial to get new recruits up to speed as soon as possible. Ask outgoing employees to make detailed handover notes and record any valuable information.

4. Practice Damage Control. Stem the flow of exits by providing incentives to stay. Find out what your people want from their careers. And do what you can to help them get there.

5. Recognize Achievements. With all this uncertainty and added stress, make sure that you celebrate team successes. Sometimes even a simple "thank you" can make someone feel appreciated and recognized.

High team turnover can occur for a variety of reasons. But with these tips, you'll be better equipped to deal with it. And even turn the tide!

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