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An engaging cover letter can get you one step closer to your dream job!

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Even when you apply for a new internal position, your cover letter has to show the recruiting manager that you are the right person for the job. To do this, it has to hit the right tone and make the best impression.

But it can be daunting to know what to write. How long should your letter be? What should it say? What format should it follow?

It can be tempting to use a generic cover letter or a template. But, if you follow our tips, you'll be well on your way to writing a professional, compelling and original cover letter.

Before you start, do some homework.

Find out what you can about the team you're hoping to join. Start by exploring the company's website or intranet. Identify the trends and "pain points" that the team will likely be dealing with. This will give you a better understanding of it and how you can help out.

Now, let's look at how to structure your cover letter.

Start by introducing yourself. Tell the recruiting manager who you are and why he or she should hire you.

These opening sentences are crucial. So it's important to grab the reader's attention with an enthusiastic and engaging intro.

Next, explain why you're the best person for the job. Describe what you can bring to the role. Give examples of skills you have or successes you've enjoyed that are relevant to the job description.

Qualifications and experience will likely get you noticed, but they might not get you through the door!

What will is your enthusiasm for the role. If you can demonstrate how passionate you are about it, you'll send a strong message that shows how engaged and committed you are.

Finally, bring your letter to a close by rounding up the key points you've talked about. And let the recruiting manager know that you're available for interview.

Once you're done, check your letter for spelling, grammar, tone, and consistency. Weed out any clichés or technical jargon. And avoid making jokes, or mentioning salary.

Lastly, put the finishing touches to your letter. Format it as if you're going to send it in the mail. This will make it look sleek and professional.

To learn more about how to write a compelling cover letter, read the article that accompanies this video.

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  • Over a month ago BillT wrote
    Hi Benjamin701,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I really like the suggestions you make about creating a video. This strategy can also be helpful in reviewing ourselves to see how we respond to interview questions, and our own body language.

    Mind Tools Team
  • Over a month ago Benjamin701 wrote
    "Thank you very much for your recommendations, they are very useful. Now the cover letter is a great impetus for the employer to stop on your candidacy. This type of paper should also be treated very carefully. He can really play a good role that will help you get the job you want. Now many people use video as a creative presentation of information about themselves. Moreover, most companies even require that their candidates for the position sent them small videos in which they talk about themselves. This helps to better build a profile of the future employee, and to better understand you even before the interview stage, don't you?:)
    All the best to you!