Business Continuity: A Cautionary Tale Video

Video Transcript

Don't be like Unprepared Corp., who used to be great, but now are no more.

This is the story of Unprepared Corp., who sadly do not exist anymore.

They expected to go on in perpetuity, but forgot about their business continuity.

When the weather turned bad with terrible storms, they didn't have a framework, instructions or forms that set out for them what on earth they should do.

The When? and the Where? and the What? and the Who?

They didn't have a list of people to call, so no one knew there was a problem at all. And as the storm blew all over town, their IT systems quickly went down.

Then, when the fire licked through the roof, they realized how little was fireproof.

They worked hard to reopen, but this was in vain, for six months later, it happened again.

So now that you've heard this cautionary tale, make sure you have a plan and test if it fails. Think through what the worst scenarios could be, and make sure you've got a Plan A, B and C.

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