Build a Positive Team in 4 Steps Video

Video Transcript

Celebrating your team's successes is just one way to build a positive team.

If you work with a motivated and high-morale team, you'll likely by achieving your objectives and then some.

But, if your team's struggling with low morale. Turn it into your most positive team yet, with these four steps:

Step 1. Become a Positive Leader

You play a big part in how your people feel. So, here are some ways to improve your positivity...

Consider your health, home, relationships, work, and achievements. Take action to improve any areas you're unhappy with.

Use SWOT Analysis to discover your strengths, and to bring meaning and pleasure to your career.

Step 2. Remove Obstacles to Positivity

Review your team's policies and introduce beneficial ones, such as a rewards program or perhaps flexitime. Create a healthy and comfortable workplace for your team.

Step 3. Manage Positively

Create an inspiring mission statement and team charter to give your people focus and direction. Step back and let people choose how they'll complete a project. Research shows that autonomy improves performance and job satisfaction.

Step 4. Reinforce Positivity

Celebrate your team's successes and help them to develop their skills. You can't build a positive team overnight. But, when you achieve it, you'll have a team that is able to accomplish much more.

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