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Building rapport isn't a superpower – it's a skill you can learn!

Do you ever feel awkward around new people?

The way some people connect and quickly fall "in-sync" with others can seem like a superpower! But building and improving rapport is a skill you can develop.

Here are four ways to spark rapport with others!

1. The Basics. Keep in mind communication basics. Relax, smile, check your posture. And really pay attention to what the other person is saying. Good communication creates a solid foundation for trust and empathy to thrive.

2. Find Common Ground. Use open-ended questions to encourage the other person to talk and share. The more you learn about someone, the more likely you'll identify overlapping experiences. Even a brief exchange over your shared frustration with the rush-hour traffic can draw you closer.

3. Create Shared Experiences. Rapport can't grow without human interaction. In the long term, shared experiences are the best way to build a bond. Anything from attending a conference together to an online team quiz.

4. Mirror and Match. Mirroring someone else's body language might sound strange, but it's a way we show empathy and understanding. This process often happens subconsciously. But you can choose to do it.

For example, try speaking at the same volume and tempo as they do, and using similar language. But make sure you're relaxed and not trying to be someone you aren't!

Of course, "it takes two to tango." Rapport requires both parties to meet in the middle – something that's not always possible. But, if both parties are willing, these techniques will improve rapport and help build your professional relationships.

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