Break Free From Procrastination in 3 Steps Video

Video Transcript

Don't let procrastination hold you back from achieving your goals.

Step 1. Recognize When You're Procrastinating

Do you sit down to start a task and then immediately go off to get a coffee? Read emails several times without deciding what to do with them?

Step 2. Work Out Why You're Procrastinating

Do you feel unable to begin an important task while you're disorganized? Feel overwhelmed by thinking about it?

Step 3. Adopt Strategies That Will Motivate You and Put You in Control

Keep a To-Do List and break down your objectives into daily and weekly tasks. Prioritize your daily tasks and make them time-bound. Plan rewards at key points that you'll forward to getting. Start with quick wins to "lift" you and to get your project moving.

When you create a plan to move forward, it makes putting off a task that bit harder. Keep up the momentum. Just think how you'll feel when you've done it!

Take our quiz to find out whether or not you are a procrastinator.

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