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Don't let your temper get the better of you!

When you let anger bubble away, it can cause an eruption. This can cloud your judgment, damage your relationships, and destroy the trust you have with others. So, how can you keep it in check?

Here are eight ways to restrain the rage…

  1. Recognize the warning signs. When you're angry, your heart rate rises and you breathe faster. Be vigilant, so you deal with these symptoms before they build up.
  2. Have a "time-out." Avoid "leaping in" with an angry response. Instead, calm yourself down by counting to 10 before you act.
  3. Catch your breath. Try to slow your breathing. This will help you to stay calm and to think clearly.
  4. Exercise regularly. Doing this releases calming chemicals, like dopamine and serotonin, into your body. This will improve your state of mind and make you less prone to anger.
  5. Find some quiet time. Practicing relaxation techniques like mindfulness or centering can help you to cope with stress over the longer term.
  6. Avoid alcohol. Overindulgence can lower your inhibitions and make you more prone to outbursts.
  7. Express your emotions. When we keep things inside for too long, frustrations can build up. So, talk about your feelings with friends and loved ones.
  8. Let it go. Sometimes we have no choice but to let an issue go, even if we think it's unfair. But, doing this will allow you to move past grudges or bitterness, and toward peace.

To learn more about how to recognize and respond to anger, read the article here.

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