How Do You "Add Value" at Work? Video

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Raising your brand's profile is just one way you can "add value" at work.

There's more to your role than what's in your job description.

By "adding value" you can help your organization to stay competitive, agile and innovative. And, you can advance your career prospects, too!

But, if you already do your job well, why do more?

When you bring "more to the table," it can improve your reputation, boost your chances of promotion, and increase your job satisfaction.

So, if you want to add value in your workplace, here's how:

1. Increase Revenue

You don't need to be in sales to make money for your organization.

Raise your brand's profile and generate leads by promoting your organization at events and on social media, building great customer relationships, and working to improve products.

2. Reduce Costs

Look for ways to help your organization to run as efficiently as possible.

Are there any savings that can be made? Any processes that can be streamlined? Or any skills gaps that need to be addressed?

3. Look Beyond "the Bottom Line"

Adding value means going above and beyond what's expected of you.

So, be proactive! Focus on tasks that will have the biggest impact on your organization's success. Seek out ways to help your colleagues, and grab opportunities that will challenge and improve your skill set.

Read the accompanying article to learn more about how to "add value" at work.

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