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Explore the traits and behaviors that form the foundation of good leadership.

Do you know what makes a leader successful?

It's hard to put your finger on just what it is that the best leaders have, which less-effective ones don't. 

There are four core groups of theories about the foundations of good leadership. When you understand them, you can adapt them for your own circumstances.

The first of these are the trait theories. They explore the characteristics a good leader has. For instance, do you need integrity? Empathy? Assertiveness? Or all three? They examine which traits are most desirable and useful when you're in a leadership role.

The next group of theories look at behavior. What do the best leaders DO? For instance, do they bark instructions, or do they involve their team in decisions? Understanding the different approaches can help you decide how to behave as a leader.

The third group of theories looks at how situations influence leadership. For instance, what leadership style should you use when you're in a crisis situation, and need to make a quick decision? Or, on a regular day, is it better to be involved, or take a hands-off approach with your team?

The last group of theories explores power and influence, and how these elements affect leadership. All leaders have a certain amount of power, but how you USE it says a lot about what kind of leader you are.

To learn more about the core theories of leadership, read the article that accompanies this video.

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