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Learn how to use the 7 Cs to communicate more effectively, in this video.

Stop and think about how much time you spend each day communicating with other people.

You write emails, talk to colleagues, sell to clients, present at meetings, and answer calls. And that might be a light day!

Your ability to communicate clearly can strengthen your relationships, and lead to exciting opportunities in your career. But how do you ensure that your messages are clear and meaningful?

The 7 Cs of Communication is a checklist that helps you do this.

The first C is Clear.

People should be able to understand the purpose of your message quickly and easily.

The second C in the checklist is Concise.

Keep your message as short as possible.

Your communication also needs to be Concrete.

This means that your message is practical and useful, you provide the right amount of detail, and you stay focused on your main message.

The fourth C in the checklist is Correct.

Always make sure your communication is free of errors and mistakes. And, if your communication is written, make sure that you proofread it.

You also need to make sure that your communication is Coherent.

This means that points are in a logical order, and the flow of your argument is consistent and well-constructed.

The sixth C is Complete.

Your message should tell your audience everything they need to know and do – without going off-topic. And, if they need to take action on something, this should be clear in your message.

Last, your communication needs to be Courteous.

This means it's friendly, empathetic, and polite, even if you're communicating something negative.

Now, read the article that accompanies this video to learn more on how to structure your communication.

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