Team Management

The Skills You Need to be a Great Boss

Whether you're preparing for your first management role, or you've been managing teams for years, there'll always be something new to learn, and existing skills to develop.

You need to be comfortable being a mentor, a coach, a cheerleader, a confessor, a judge and jury, and a decision maker - sometimes all in one day! And you must be able to cope with all the challenges and pressures that come with being responsible for other people, as well as yourself.

A good starting point is to find out how good your management skills are right now, and you can do this with our interactive quizzes.

Effective recruitment is a crucial part of team management, and we have a wealth of resources to support you in building the right team for your needs.

Is your team composed of people with diverse skillsets, personalities and life experiences? They’ll likely see the world in very different ways. So you’ll need to manage complex group dynamics, and understand each individual's developmental needs.

Delegation is a powerful way to get things done, to stretch and reward your people, and to share the load - but it’s also difficult to do well. We provide practical guides to help you.

It's also important to have relevant data that you can collect, track, and respond to. We’ll show you how to balance these “hard” skills with the softer skills involved in managing people as well as targets.

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