Did You Mean...?

Alternative Spellings

4 MAT – See 4MAT

4 P's, 4P's, 4p, 7 P's, 7P's – see The Marketing Mix and 4Ps

5-Why Technique – See 5 Whys

80-20 Rule, 80:20 Rule, 80/20 Rule, 80% 20% Rule, 20%-80% – See Pareto Analysis

Ansof Matrix, Ansoft Matrix, Anshoff Matrix – See Ansoff Matrix

Balanced Score Card, Balance Score Card, Balancedscore card – See The Balanced Scorecard

Bench marking – See Benchmarking

The Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid, Black Mouton, Blake Moulton, Blake and Moulton, Blake and Moutons – see The Blake Mouton Managerial Grid

Burke Letwin, Burke-Letwin – See Burke Litwin Change Model


Cause-and-effect analysis – See Ishikawa Diagrams

Core Competencies, Core Competency – See Core Competence Analysis

DeBono, Edward DeBono, De Bono's Six Thinking Caps – See Edward De Bono's Six Thinking Hats

Delfi, Delphy – See Delphi Method

Fishbone Model – See Ishikawa Diagrams

Freeze Model – See Lewin's Change Management Model

Gant Chart, Gant Diagram, Gannt Chart, Gaant Chart, Gnatt Chart, Ganntt Chart  – See Gantt Charts

Goalsetting – see Personal Goal Setting

Grid Analysis – See Decision Matrix Analysis

Hertzberg, Hersberg, Herzburg, Herzburg, Hursburg – See Herzberg's Motivators and Hygiene Factors

Hofsted – See Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions

Interruptions Log – See Interrupters Log in Managing Interruptions

Ishakawa Diagrams, Ishokawa – See Ishikawa Diagrams

Johari's Window, Joharry, Joharri, Jahari, Juhari – See The Johari Window

Kaisan, Kaisen, Kaizan – See Kaizen

Kilman, Thomas – See Thomas Kilmann in Conflict Resolution

Lewim's 3 Step Model, Lewin's Three Step Model – See Lewin's Change Management Model

Mazlow's Hierarchy of Needs – See Maslow's Hierarchy

Mc Kinsey's 7S, McKinseys 7s, McKinzey – See The McKinsey 7S Framework

MindMapping, MindMaps, Mind-Maps – See Mind Mapping

Mneumonics – see Mnemonics

Montecarlo Analysis – See Monte Carlo Analysis

Multi-Attribute Utility Table, Multiple Attribute Utility Table, Multi-Attribute Utility Technique, MAU table – See Decision Matrix Analysis

PCDA – See PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

PERTT charts – See Critical Path Analysis and PERT Charts

Perato Chart, Pereto, Perato Diagram, Peritto Analysis, Perito Analysis, Paretto Analysis, Parato Analysis – See Pareto Analysis


Probability/impact matrix – See Risk Analysis and Risk Management

Pro con model, Pro-con model – See Quantitative Pros and Cons

Project Dash Boards – See Project Dashboards

R.A.S.I, RASI Chart – See The RACI Matrix

Repetitive Why Analysis – See 5 Whys

SOWT Analysis, SWOTT, SWOOT – See SWOT Analysis

Spidergram, spidogram – See Mind Maps

S Q 3R, SQRRR, SQR3 – See SQ3R

Starburst, Star Bursting – See Starbursting

STEP, STEEP, STEEPL, SLEEPT Analysis – See PEST Analysis

Strawman – See The Straw Man Concept

SWAT Analysis, SWOTS Analysis, SWATS Analysis – See SWOT Analysis

Swimming Lanes, swimlane, swimlanes – See Swim Lane Diagrams

To-Do-lists – See To-Do Lists

Ven Diagram – See Venn Diagram in Charts and Graphs

Work/Life Balance Wheel, Work-Life Balance Wheel – See The Wheel of Life