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Many Mind Tools articles have accompanying PDF templates or worksheets. You can download these from the relevant articles, or access all of them below.

Team Management Tools

Delegation Log Template
Monitor your delegation by noting when, what, and to whom you delegate.
Day In the Life Of (DILO) Template
Track how much time your team members spend on each area of their work.
Employee Satisfaction Survey
Use this generic survey to monitor your team's workplace satisfaction, or adapt it for your situation.
Training Needs Assessment
Use this worksheet to identify and align training to fill the skills gaps in your organization.

Strategy Tools

SWOT Analysis Worksheet
Map out the strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats faced by an organization, group, product, or service.
TOWS Strategic Options Worksheet
Set out how you can use maximize opportunities and reduce threats by playing to your strengths and minimizing weaknesses.
McKinsey 7S Worksheet
Analyze the "soft" and "hard" elements of your organization as a starting point to improving its effectiveness.
Ansoff Matrix Worksheet (corporate version)
Identify the strategies available to your organization in existing and new markets, with existing and new products.
Ansoff Matrix Worksheet (personal version)
Apply this classic strategy tool to your career, by analyzing options involving industries and skills.
Boston Matrix Worksheet
Plot the mix of products in a portfolio to maximize its long-term success.
PEST Analysis Worksheet
Understand a situation more fully by setting down the Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors at play.
Porter's 5 Forces Worksheet
Understand where power lies in a situation.
USP Analysis Worksheet
Find the Unique Selling Proposition that will give you a competitive edge.
Porter's Diamond Template
Analyze high-level factors of a country to see how these affect your organization and your strategy.
Business Model Canvas Worksheet
Use this worksheet to map out your company's business model.
Perceptual Mapping Worksheet
Plot how your customers feel about your product or service on our perceptual mapping worksheet.

Problem Solving

RCA Worksheet
Work through these steps to find the cause of a problem.
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Template
Plan to mitigate risks by analyzing what could go wrong in a project.

Decision Making

Force Field Analysis Worksheet
Map out the arguments for and against change.
Decision Matrix Analysis Worksheet
Use this worksheet to weigh up different options using a Decision Matrix.
Paired Comparison Worksheet
Work out what the best option is methodically.
Blind-Spot-Busting Checklist
Use this checklist of common decision-making blindspots to ensure that your decisions are unbiased.
Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) Worksheet
Weigh up the attractiveness of different strategic options to identify the best one for you.

Project Management

Risk Impact/Probability Worksheet
Set down the impact and likelihood of occurrence of risks in your project as a basis for managing them.
Stakeholder Analysis Power Interest Grid Template
Classify your stakeholders and what their interests are so that you can manage them effectively.
Stakeholder Communications Plan Template
Plan what you want to say, to which stakeholders and when.
Project Initiation Document Checklist
Use this set of useful headings as a starting point for writing a Project Initiation Document.
Issue Management Log
Log important information about project issues systematically.
Project Milestone Report Template
Use this template as a basis for creating a comprehensive Project Milestone Report.
SIPOC Diagram Worksheet
Identify all the elements of a process, so that you can understand it fully.

Practical Creativity

Starbursting Worksheet
Use this template to stimulate and record a brainstorming session using the starbursting approach.

Time Management

Activity Log Template
Find out how you really spend your time.
Interrupters Log Worksheet
Find out who interrupts you, how often and why, so that you can manage these interruptions more effectively.
Prioritized To-Do List Template
Organize your To-Do List and take control of your time.
Action Priority Matrix Worksheet
Analyze the effort required and the impact of each activity on your To-Do List, so that you can make the most of your time.
Energy Levels Log Template
Track your energy levels during the day so that you can schedule your tasks more effectively.
Effective Scheduling Worksheet
Schedule your workload effectively, while still making time for yourself.

Stress Management

Stress Diary Template
Monitor your stress levels so that you can better manage the causes of stress in your life.
Hostility Log Worksheet
Understand your anger better by recording occasions when you "see red."
Rational, Positive Thinking Worksheet
Record rational responses to negative thoughts, and create positive affirmations to help you reframe your thinking.
Wheel of Life Worksheet
Map your satisfaction levels against key aspects of your life.
Life Career Rainbow Worksheet
Identify the work-life balance that you want for the current stage of your life and career.
Cognitive Restructuring Worksheet
Understand and reframe unnecessary negative thinking.
ABC Diary Technique Worksheet
Keep a diary of your experiences of adversity and the approaches you can use to avoid pessimistic thinking arising from them.

Communication Skills

Meeting Agenda Template
Create a clear, focused agenda for your next meeting.
Win-Win Negotiation Worksheet
Plan your next negotiation in advance by setting out your goals, trades, alternatives and other elements.
Feedback Matrix Template
Improve your experience of feedback by balancing both the positive and negative aspects of feedback you've received.
Communications Plan Template
Plan what you need to say, to whom, when and how.
Communication Strategy Framework Worksheet
Plan your communications effectively with our worksheet.
Structure a Presentation Worksheet
Use this worksheet to structure your presentations more effectively.

Learning Skills

Journaling Aide-Mémoire
Use this aide-mémoire as a quick reminder of what you could write about in your journal.
Training Session Plan Template
Use this template to help you create an effective training session plan.
Alphabet Technique Worksheet
Use this worksheet to record your choice of the words and images to use with the Alphabet memory technique.

Career Skills

Career Choice Worksheet
Analyze a career option against a number of criteria to see if it's really right for you.
Quick Wins Worksheet
Plan and manage quick wins for a new role or project.

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