Working From Home

Staying Focused Amid Distractions

Working From Home - Staying Focused Amid Distractions

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Working from home can be a welcome change.

Mark's organization has allowed him to work at home three days a week, and it's his first full day of "telecommuting." He sets his computer up on his dining room table, and is ready to get to work.

Three hours later, however, he's shocked to realize that he's completed very little. What's he been doing? Well, he had to make coffee. Then he did a load of laundry, took a phone call from a friend, and sorted through the mail when it arrived. One thing led to another, and now he's really behind!

Working from home can be incredibly productive. But it's also full of distractions. If you work from home, it's up to you to make sure you're doing a full day of focused, productive work.

In this article, we'll discuss the benefits and challenges of working from home, and we'll provide some tips to help you be at your most productive during the day.

Benefits and Challenges

There are many benefits to working at home. For instance:...

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