When Tears Take Over

Responding to a Team Member in Distress

When Tears Take Over - Responding to a Team Member in Distress

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A tearful team member needs managing with sensitivity and empathy.

Have you ever felt like you could just burst into tears in the middle of the working day?

Whether it's a work-related problem, a family issue, or some other emotional distress, sometimes you're gripped by an overwhelming feeling of helplessness or anxiety.

Most of us know that feeling, whether we've actually shed a tear or not. We spend many hours a week in the workplace, often in testing circumstances, so it's understandable that things can become too much to cope with.

So, how would you react if you saw one of your team members in tears? Would you immediately know the right thing to say, or would you be embarrassed? And what would you do if you suddenly broke down?

In this article, we look at some common reasons why people cry at work, and we explore ways to manage them through such a moment. Also, we examine what to do if you're the one who's reduced to tears.

Why Do People Cry at Work?

If you know why a team member is so upset, then you can work out the best way to help him or her. Common causes of workplace breakdowns include:...

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