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  • Over a month ago Michele wrote
    Hi asiarivera,

    Recovering from burnout takes time. I speak from experience. Based on the focus of your wheel of life, you know where you need to make changes. We have several resources available that will assist in getting you on track to a healthier and balanced life. I encourage you to come to the Career Cafe Forum to share your story. We all support each other over there.

    Mind Tools Team
  • Over a month ago asiarivera wrote
    I'm back in my country after 6 years of living in different places. I feel weird because If it was for me, I'd be living my dream in Denmark or the UK. Since I had to come back to Mexico to regain my energies and my health, my wheel of life looks like this:
    - Health - emotional/spiritual/physical
    - Health - good habits (food, exercise, order)
    - Career - job (find out what to do since my previous activity brought me to a burn out state) - should I stay in the arts or maybe i want to become a leader?
    - Purpose/goals - Define what I want to achieve in life in order to have a meaning, and be who i want to be
    - Family/boyfriend
    - Financial freedom
    - Certainty (what job, what education, what country)
    - Areas I want to experience/explore - writing/traveling/
  • Over a month ago Midgie wrote
    Hi ChoicesCG,
    Thanks for the feedback and I am pleased to hear that you found it easy to use. Hope you enjoy more of our resources and find them equally as easy to use.

    Mind Tools Team
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