Company Town Hall Meetings

Communicating to a Large Audience

Company Town Hall Meetings - Communicating to a Large Audience

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Learn how to use a town hall meeting to communicate to a wide audience.

Have you ever been to a "town hall" style meeting in your organization?

When done well, this type of meeting can be exciting, informative, and motivating. They can open up constructive dialogue with the leadership team in your organization, and address any concerns or issues that people are worrying about.

However, poorly led town hall meetings can leave people feeling confused, unheard, and even dispirited. Badly organized meetings waste time, and hurt productivity.

In this article, we'll examine company town hall meetings in detail, and we'll discuss how you can make the best use of the opportunities that a town hall meeting presents.

What Is a Town Hall Meeting?

Originally, town residents used town hall meetings as an open forum to discuss political issues, solve problems, and vote on decisions that directly affected them. Today, many organizations have adopted this meeting format to communicate with their people.

A town hall meeting involves ...

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