Surviving a Stressful Job

Thriving in a High-Pressure Environment

Surviving a Stressful Job - Thriving in a High-Pressure Environment

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Put strategies in place to help you find your "happy place" even in a stressful job.

Sarah is a manager in a high-volume call center, and her job is very stressful.

She interacts every day with angry, upset customers, she needs to keep her team members calm and productive, and she has to meet tough customer satisfaction goals.

Despite these pressures, Sarah is known for her professionalism and her composure. She's kind to everyone on her team, she stays cool in tense situations, and she makes good decisions, even when she's under pressure. Sarah has mastered the art of surviving and thriving in a stressful role.

Many people experience stress in their jobs. You might feel stressed temporarily because of a project deadline, or because of seasonal fluctuations in your workload. Or you might experience long-term stress due to the type of work that you do, because of a difficult boss or co-worker, or because of office politics.

In this article, we'll look at the consequences of job stress, and we'll explore strategies that you can use to manage a stressful job successfully.

Consequences of Stress

Job stress has a number of negative consequences that, if left unmanaged, can affect your health, productivity, well-being, and career.

For example, ...

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