The STREETCREDS® Model For Savvy Conversations®

Having the Right Conversation, in the Right Way, at the Right Time

The STREETCREDS Model For Savvy Conversations - Right Conversation, Right Way, Right Time

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Make sure your conversations are a two-way street.

Does the idea of having a difficult conversation fill you with fear? Do some exchanges leave you feeling frustrated, upset or angry? Have you ever avoided talking about something important because you simply couldn't face it?

Now imagine having effective conversations every time that you engage with someone, regardless of the subject. That is, communication in which everyone is involved, aware of themselves and others, and committed to a positive outcome.

Such open, honest and effective conversations are the aim of the STREETCREDS® framework. [1] In this article, we'll explore the model and the underlying concept of Savvy Conversations®. And we'll examine how applying the model can promote a sense of harmony and purpose in your team's communications.


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