Returning From Vacation

Handling Work After a Break

Returning From Vacation - Handling Work After a Break

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Make a smooth transition back into your working routine.

You've had some time off, staying up late, sleeping in, and spending your days relaxing. It was great! However, it's now your first day back at work after your vacation.

You've been in the office only an hour, and you're not sure how you'll survive to the end of the day. You have hundreds of unopened emails, a huge list of phone calls to return, two reports that are overdue, and three meetings to attend. And that's just this morning!

In this article, we'll explore how to ease back into work after a break. We'll look at strategies for coping with your workload, as well as for dealing with the emotional aspects of getting back into your working routine.


Many of us experience work overload when we return after a break. When this happens, it can cause stress. If possible, try these strategies before you leave on your vacation:...

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