How to Ace a Video Interview

Impressing Potential Employers Remotely

How to Ace a Video Interview - Impressing Potential Employers Remotely

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Learn how to "shine" on camera.

Video interviews are becoming a routine part of recruitment, but they can be daunting, especially if you've never experienced one before.

So, how do you get comfortable with this new situation? And how do you give a good impression to a potential employer when you're not even in the same room?

In this article, we outline the different types of video interviews that you might encounter, and we discuss how you can "show your best side" when you're interviewed on camera.


If you're conducting a video interview, rather than being interviewed, read our article, When and How to Hold Video Interviews.

How Do Video Interviews Work?

Video interviews can take various forms. The most widely used formats are:

  • One-on-one "chat": this is the most common type of video interview, and it's often conducted via a familar app like Skype or FaceTime. It's much like a telephone interview, but with video. Your interviewer asks questions, and you answer them. Simple!
  • Pre-recorded session: you record and submit your responses to predetermined questions, instead of having a "live" interview. Some organizations use a specific software application, such as InterviewStream or Spark Hire, to do this. Others may just ask you to use the video app on your phone.
  • Artificial intelligence interview: as with pre-recorded video interviews, you don't actually speak to anyone in an AI interview. But here, your responses and facial expressions are analyzed by an algorithm, and a report is generated for the hiring manager. This may sound like science fiction, but research shows that it is already a widely used recruitment method.
  • Panel interview: a video conference in which you are interviewed by a panel of people, instead of just one or two.


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