Personal Preparation for Great Decision Making

Getting in Shape to Make the Right Call

Personal Preparation for Great Decision Making - Getting Into Shape to Make the Right Call

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Tune in to how your mind uses "fast" and "slow" modes when making decisions.

Do you sometimes approach an important decision with the nagging feeling that you aren't quite ready to make it?

Successful decision making requires careful preparation. That doesn't just mean getting the facts and figures straight – you can still make a poor decision, even if you're armed with all the data you need. You may not be able to process that information effectively if you're distracted by other tasks, or if you doubt your ability to make the right call.

In this article, we explore tips and techniques for minimizing confusion and self-doubt, so that you can set yourself up to make great decisions.

Intuition and Logic in Decision Making

We all make hundreds of decisions every day. From choosing what to wear or what to feed the children, to deciding how to respond to a competitor's new product.


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