Online Training

Pros and Cons of Virtual Learning

Online Training - Pros and Cons of Virtual Learning

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Develop your skills in no time, using digital tools.

Industries and organizations are increasingly turning to virtual learning for their training needs. But when is it appropriate for you?

In this article, we'll look at online training and learning: what it is, when it's useful, and how you can use it to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Online Training Explained

"Online training" is an umbrella term that covers areas such as e-learning, some distance education, web-based training, virtual learning, and computer-based training, to name a few.

We use these terms to describe learning that takes place on a computer, or on a handheld device like a smartphone or a tablet. This type of learning experience can use a variety of different media, such as articles, graphics, audios, podcasts, interactive content, streamed and recorded presentations, videos, and self-paced tests.

Sometimes, organizations also use "blended learning," which is online training combined with human support, such as interaction through forums or similar channels....

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