Rationalizing Team Activities

Reorganizing Priorities in Changing Times

Rationalizing Team Activities - Reorganizing Priorities in Changing Times

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Make sure that you organize your priorities carefully.

Imagine this scenario: your team has been working on a project for months. When you started, the project's high cost was justified, because the expected sales resulting from its completion would more than pay for it.

However, that was before the economic downturn.

Now, your sales projections are lower, and your boss is pushing you to reduce costs. After all, there's little chance the company will reach the sales figures you had originally expected. On the other hand, if you stop the project now, all the work your team has done thus far will be wasted.

What should you do? Should you keep going, and try to finish the project quicker to keep costs down, or should you stop everything, and move on to something else?

In today's difficult economy, it may be hard to identify which projects and tasks should take priority over others. This new business environment can greatly impact your team, especially if the consequences of this change aren't managed correctly and sensitively.

So, how do you know which projects and activities will make the most difference, and how do you help your team deal with changing priorities and new assignments? This article focuses on those questions. We'll review the steps needed to identify how this new environment will impact your team's priorities, and we'll show you what you can do to manage the consequences, and move forward.

How to Reprioritize Your Activities

Follow these steps to reassess your team's work and priorities:...

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