Using Aide-Mémoire

Creating Memory Aids and Checklists

Using Aide-Mémoire - Creating Memory Aids and Checklists

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Aide-Mémoire are simple but very effective.

Before an aircraft takes off, its crew members must carry out hundreds of checks to ensure that it is safe to fly. Just one missed check could mean the difference between a smooth, successful flight, and a disastrous one.

So, how do they ensure that they don't forget an important safety check? They use an aide-mémoire, in the form of a pre-flight checklist.

An aide-mémoire is a structured list of points that you need to consider when solving a particular problem or working through a complex process. In this article, we'll look at how you can develop and use aide-mémoire.

About the Tool

The term "aide-mémoire" is French and translates as "reminder" or "memory aid." The first known use of the term for an English audience was in 1846, in G. Lewis's book "Aide-Mémoire to the Military Sciences."...

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