Business Testing in Projects

Involving Real Users as an Important Testing Step

Business Testing in Projects - Involving Real Users as an Important Testing Step

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Check that your product works before rolling it out.

Have you ever been involved with a project that didn't deliver what was expected? The project may have failed to meet expectations because the new process or system didn't work properly. 

Perhaps users didn't follow the new procedures and caused problems for others. Or maybe they couldn't understand the training or documentation they'd received. Do you recall hearing people say things like "It was better the way we did it before"? So, how can you avoid this problem?

Effective "Business Testing" can help. Testing has a fundamental role in making sure that your projects' end-products are delivered successfully.

Business testing (also known as User Acceptance Testing, or UAT) is usually carried out by the people who will be using the product in practice. It ensures that proposed changes actually work – BEFORE they're put into use.

In this article, we'll show you how to set up a successful business test. This will help you involve business users and other stakeholders to check that your project delivers the desired results. It also helps you ensure that the systems and procedures you implement work efficiently, effectively and accurately.

How to Use the Tool

Consider using business testing in any project where you want to ensure that deliverables are robust and usable before they're implemented.

Here are some steps to help you think through your business testing requirements....

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