Imagining – and Achieving – Your Goals

Visualization - Imagining and Achieving Your Goals

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Picture what you want to achieve.

Have you ever wondered what Olympic athletes think about right before they compete? Imagine this for a moment: they're in front of thousands, or even millions, of people. They're feeling nervous, watching their competition, and considering all the things that might go wrong and how to avoid them.

Sounds reasonable, right? After all, that's probably what we would do in their position. However, if they did that, their odds of losing the competition would probably be quite high. Well-trained athletes know they should never visualize mistakes, especially right before a competition. Why? Because picturing, or visualizing, mistakes – imagining poor performance – increases the likelihood that the athletes will actually do those things during the event, even when they don't mean to.

Instead, most top athletes are trained to visualize their goals right before a competition. They see themselves winning the game, running the fastest race, or scoring the winning point. They're trained to "picture" what they want to happen, instead of what they don't want to happen. When they do this, their chances for success increase dramatically.

This is the power of visualization – and you, too, can use this technique every day to help you achieve your goals and dreams. In this article, we outline what visualization is, and how you can start using it in your life.

What Is Visualization?

Visualization is simply a technique that you can use to create ...

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