Dealing With Lateness

Solving Punctuality Problems

Dealing With Lateness - Solving Punctuality Problems

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Find out why people often run late.

Do you have a colleague who regularly arrives late for meetings? It's an annoying habit, and it's even worse if everyone else must wait for him because he's a key person in the decision-making process.

Or perhaps you have a colleague who frequently turns up late at the office, complaining about "nightmare traffic" on her drive to work. Worse still, are you the person who is always late?

Lateness is bad for team productivity or team morale, and it may point to a wider lack of responsibility. So, what can you do to stop it?

This article helps you understand how to stop persistent lateness – whether you're the guilty party, or it's a member of your team.

Understanding Lateness

Whoever the habitual latecomer is, identifying why the lateness occurs is the first step toward eliminating it. Sometimes the causes will be obvious. Other times, the reason for habitual lateness can be rooted in the person's subconscious.

Here are some common reasons for lateness:...

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