The Feedback Matrix

Using Feedback Constructively


As a manager, how often do you give your team members feedback on their performance, only to find that nothing changes as a result? You think you've made your points clearly and directly, but sometimes people just don't seem to get the message.

Or, perhaps you've received feedback from your own manager but felt unsure about how to act on it?

The Feedback Matrix* is a tool that encourages you to examine both the positive and negative aspects of feedback. It challenges you to connect the comments to what you already know about yourself, and to what you did not know and need to explore more fully.

In this article, we examine a range of typical responses to feedback, and we look at how to use the Feedback Matrix to see beyond these patterns of behavior, and to make positive changes in yourself and your team that lead to improved productivity and better relationships.

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How Do You Respond to Feedback?

Maybe you've observed that people (possibly yourself!) react in one of these four ways when receiving feedback:


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