Five Golden Rules for Setting Great New Year Career Goals

New Year Goal Setting Infographic

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  • This month BillT wrote

    Writing down your ideas is the first step. Next, develop SMART goals. These will help you to define the steps and timelines to achieving your goals. Best wishes with your goals, and thank you for your comment.
  • This month wrote
    I like the idea of writing down my goals and ideas I have so many dreams and aspirations for the next five years. All of my plans are to better my family and show my kids what it is to have dreams that come true.
  • Over a month ago BillT wrote
    Hi khanjanl,

    I'm not sure if you have been welcomed to the Mind Tools club yet, so Welcome to the Club. As one of the Mind Tools team, I’m here to help you here and in the forums, and to get the very most from the club.

    Writing down your thoughts is definitely a positive way to remember and commit to them. Some people will use visualisation to this tool, where they write down the resolution and post an image that relates to that resolution and post it in a prominent location. Thank you for the feedback.
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