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Motivating Your Team

How to Motivate Your People

Motivating Your Team

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Encourage your team to fly high.

Your people may have all the expertise in the world, but if they're not motivated, it's unlikely that they'll achieve their true potential.

On the other hand, when people are motivated, work seems easy.

Motivated people have a positive outlook, they're excited about what they're doing, and they know that they're investing their time in something that's truly worthwhile. In short, motivated people enjoy their jobs and perform well.

All effective leaders want their organizations to be filled with people in this state of mind. That's why it's vital that you, as a leader and manager, keep your team feeling motivated and inspired. But of course, this can be easier said than done!

In this article we'll go over the key theories, strategies, and tools that you can use to help your people stay enthusiastic about their work.

Types of Motivation

Although there are literally hundreds of tactics that you can use to motivate your team, it's important to realize that there are only two main types of motivation...

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