Managing in Russia

Negotiating a Rapidly Changing Culture

Russian flag

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Deal with the challenges of working and managing in Russia.

Russia is a vibrant, rich, and diverse country, full of people who are strong, persistent, and patient. But, because of its turbulent past, many foreigners see it as a land shrouded in mystery.

If you've been asked to relocate to Russia, or if you'll be managing a Russian team, there's a lot that you'll need to know before you start working with your new colleagues.

In this article, we'll look at how to live, work, and build relationships in Russia.


Russia is a huge, diverse country. As such, it's difficult to make generalizations about its people and culture. Perspectives, values, and expectations can vary depending on your location. Use this article as a general guide, but, if you can, do further research on the area that you'll be working in.

Language and Culture

Russia is the world's largest country. It spans 11 time zones, and covers more than one-eighth of the world's inhabited land mass. Although it's an enormous country, it has a population of less than 150 million people. Large areas of the country are uninhabited, or are populated only with small villages....

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