Managing in Romania

Choosing a Country Where Tech Is Thriving

Managing in Romania - Choosing a Country Where Tech is Thriving


Hierarchy and formality are key features of Romanian business culture.

Romania is characterized by spectacular mountain scenery, sweeping plains, and a beautiful coastline that hugs the Black Sea.

It has rural communities that are barely touched by the 21st century, but in buzzing Bucharest it has a capital city that is the Balkans' answer to Silicon Valley.

It's a country that's steeped in a turbulent history and the Transylvanian folklore of Dracula, and one that is still shaking off the legacy of communism and dictatorship. Yet, Romanians are among the most hospitable and big-hearted people in Europe.

In this article, we explore how to live and work successfully in Romania, and how to engage with and get the most from a Romanian team....

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