Managing in Turkey

Seizing Opportunity in a Growing Economy

Managing in Turkey - Seizing Opportunity in a Growing Economy

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Learn how to manage your Turkish team members effectively.

Which country is the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, and has one of the fastest growing economies in Europe? Many people would guess Germany, but they'd be wrong. In fact, it's Turkey.

If you've been asked to lead a team in Turkey, you'll experience a country with a rich culture and history, great cuisine, and warm, friendly people. It has also attracted many new businesses and investors as a result of its recent growth.

In this article, we'll explore some of the most important aspects of Turkish culture, customs and etiquette, so that you can live and work successfully in this vibrant country.


This article is intended as a general guide only. Consider each person's unique needs when managing a Turkish team, and use your own best judgment.

Country and Culture

Turkey straddles two continents, Asia and Europe, and boasts stunning landscapes that range from sandy beaches to rugged mountain ranges.

The Asian side, Anatolia, makes up 97 percent of the country, while the remaining three percent is the European East Thrace. Much of it is surrounded by the Aegean, Black and Mediterranean seas, and it shares borders with Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Bulgaria, and Greece.

The country's largest city, Istanbul, is the biggest in Europe and the Middle East, with a population of 14.4 million people. The capital, Ankara, is Turkey's second-largest city, and it houses its democratic, president-led government.

Despite the country having no official religion, around 90 percent of the Turkish population are Sunni Muslims.


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