Managing in Greece

Working in a Complex, Ancient Country

Managing in Greece - Working in a Complex, Ancient Country

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Manage your team successfully in this complex and historic country.

Greece is the cradle of Western civilization and democracy, and it still boasts many ancient cultural riches today. It's a country of outstanding beauty and biodiversity, with stunning coastlines and unspoilt islands. However, it's recently become known for its problems with debt, migrant crises, and political instability.

The country is dealing with complex issues, but Greek people are welcoming, hard working, and sociable. So, invest time in getting to know your Greek colleagues, and you'll enjoy rewarding working relationships and build a productive, successful team as a result.

In this article, we'll explore how you can live and work successfully in Greece, whether you're managing a remote team or working directly with Greek team members.


This article is intended as a general guide only. Consider each person's unique needs, and use your own judgment when managing a Greek team.

About Greece

Greece is situated in south-east Europe, and it borders Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey, which allows easy access to the rest of Europe, Asia and Africa. It also has a coastline of more than 9,000 miles, with around 3,000 islands.

Greece borders Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey in south-east Europe.

Greece has a population of approximately 11 million people, although it has a relatively low population density. The exception to this is the capital city, Athens, which is Europe's fifth most populous city with four million inhabitants. As part of a wider humanitarian and political crisis in the region over the last few years, Greece has recently experienced a dramatic increase in the number of migrants from Syria, Libya and Eritrea....

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